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You have not lived until you've experienced Santana live! You will experience a feeling of inner peace and tranquility with every sound that Carlos emits from his guitar. If you haven't seen Carlos live, I promise you are in for one of the most exciting evenings you will ever experience!


DATE: 04/11/02, VENUE:  The Guitar Center, CITY:  Houston, TX

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Raul Rekow and Karl Perazzo for the second time here in Houston, TX at the Guitar Center!!!  When I arrived with my 9 year old son Gilbert, Karl & Raul were already jammin'.  What an experience!!!  I was surprised to find out that they remembered both me and my son from a meeting with them two years before at another clinic that was held.  As usual they tore the house down with their beautiful percussion sounds.  They answered many questions from fans.  I finally got to personally thank each of them for their gift of music by simply telling them that I had been through some very rough waters as I grew up and their music made me pull through them with a smile and a warm sense of compassion.  My son Gilbert spent most of the time with Karl on the timbalas and I took many pictures with both Raul and Karl.  They gave my son a hat and Karl gave him some sticks to practice with.  I was very pleased to say that they both encouraged my son to do well in school and keep practicing.  They were both so down to earth and so compassionate towards everyone in attendance.  Their compassion also emits through their joined fusion of percussion!!!.   I was also glad to hear that they will be touring Houston, TX on September 21st and 22nd for two shows at the Woodlands Pavillion.  I can't wait for that.  I just can't express how much meeting them again meant to me and to my son Gilbert.  He was so happy and excited, and couldn't stop talking about playing the congas with Raul and playing the timbalas with Karl!  They truly are an inspiration to him!  I would like to encourage anyone who ever gets the chance to meet them to do so.  You won't be disappointed!  My favorite jam they played was "Chill Out".  If you get a chance listen to it and I guarantee you, "you will chill out"!!!!  Thank Raul & Karl for an unforgettable encounter!!!

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